Is there a bobcat – or maybe a cougar – roaming Hamburg Township?

This trail-cam photo from last October posted on the Village of Pinckney's Facebook page by Kevin Howell shows a suspected bobcat in Hamburg Township.

Is there a bobcat roaming Hamburg Township? Or maybe even a cougar?

Area residents have been posting on Facebook that some sort of large cat has been seen in the area of M-36 and Merrill Road, just east of Pinckney. Lauren Walker Zimmerman posted on the Village of Pinckney Facebook page today, “I think I saw cougar cross M 36 this morning west of Merrill Road and the Huron River overpass??? Anyone else in the area seen evidence of a big cat?”

Several other area residents chimed in, saying it was mostly likely the bobcat they’ve seen roaming in the area numerous times over the past year or so.

Kevin Howell wrote, “No it’s most likely the bobcat that’s in the area, I have trail cam pictures of it.” Howell then posted a photo, seemingly of a bobcat, that was taken by his trail cam last October in Hamburg.

Other residents confirmed the bobcat sighting.

Tim Thurman wrote, “Yup, Bobcat behind our house. Hall Rd here on Hamburg Lake and Lemen our closest main rd.”

Lara Liz added, “So cool! I’ve seen tracks twice in the Pinckney rec area. It’s neat knowing they’re out there.”

Bobcats are found in northern Michigan, but they’re not native to Livingston County. Over the past few years, though, there have been several sightings of bobcats in this part of the state.

Last summer, there was a confirmed sighting of a cougar in Clinton County, just northwest of Livingston County. That was the first confirmed sighting of a cougar anywhere in the Lower Peninsula.

More information on cougar sightings in Michigan – including a link to report a sighting – can be found on the Michigan DNR’s website here. The DNR has information here on how to tell the difference between a cougar, bobcat and domestic cat.

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  1. We would see what was believed to be a cougar in Hamburg when developing Whispering Pines & then in Rivendell across Whitewood. There was 3-400 acres to roam + water on Tioga Lake & the Huron River. Their tracks were easy to follow.

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