Howell FIRST Tech challenge team wins state championship; Team KRASH heads to the FIRST robotics world championship

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The competition at the FIRST in Michigan FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship Battle Creek Tournament was fierce, but Howell’s FTC Team KRASH #15465 prevailed to claim the FTC State Championship trophy.

Team KRASH ended match play in fourth place in the Franklin Division with a record of 5-1-0. The team was an alliance captain in the Franklin Division playoffs where they won the semi-finals in two matches and went on to win the finals in two matches to claim the division championship. As the division champions, Team KRASH advanced to the tournament championship as an alliance captain. In the tournament championship, Team KRASH won two matches to claim the state title. The team will now advance to the FIRST Robotics World Championship, which will be held in Detroit in April. Additionally, Team KRASH claimed the Design Award at the event.

Howell’s three other FTC teams also fared well in the state championship as well. Team KILTS #10538 ended match play in first place with a record of 6-0-0 at the Battle Creek Tournament and was the alliance captain for the first alliance in the playoff matches. The team was eliminated in the semi-finals. Additionally, Team KILTS was a THINK Award finalist at the event. Team KAOS #8649 finished match play in third place with a record of 5-0-1 and was selected by Team KILTS to join the first alliance in the playoff matches. TEAM KUDOS #15229 claimed the Innovate Award at the Michigan FTC State Championship at Macomb Community College.

Team KRASH is the second Howell FTC team to claim the state championship, and the first to do so as the alliance captain. In 2017, Team KAOS was a member of the alliance that claimed the state championship.

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