How Livingston County are you? Take the quiz and find out

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Sure, you call Livingston County home. Your driver’s license lists your home address as Brighton, Howell or one of our other communities.

But there’s a difference between being Livingston County and being really Livingston County. And now it’s time to find out just how Livingston County you are.

Answer these 20 questions (the answers are at the bottom) and see how you stack up.

1. How do you pronounce Unadilla?

2. What’s the name of the bridge that crosses the Mill Pond in Brighton?

3. What popular restaurant sits on the banks of a lake in the Chain of Lakes in the Pinckney area?

4. One of the greatest second basemen of all time, a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, is from Fowlerville. What’s his name?

5. On what night is the Fantasy of Lights Parade in Howell each year?

6. How do you pronounce Cohoctah?

7. Where is the Bloated Goat?

8. Which of these Republican presidential candidates never personally campaigned in Livingston County – Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole or George W. Bush?

9. What’s the Canopy?

10. Which community in Livingston County hosts the biggest Memorial Day parade each year?

11. Where would you find Screams Ice Cream?

12. What does “LCP” stand for?

13. How many Meijer stores does Livingston County have?

14. What renowned 18-mile hiking and mountain-biking trail winds its way through the Pinckney Recreation Area?

15. What Brighton businessman was elected to Congress in 1994?

16. Where would you find the Imagination Station?

17. True or false: There’s a township in Livingston County called Tyrone Township.

18. True or false: There’s a township in Livingston County called Conway Township.

19. In what township would you find these traffic nightmares?

The roundabouts.

20. Which community hosts the county’s only St. Patrick’s Day parade? 


1. You-nuh-DILL-uh

2. The Tridge

3. The Zukey Lake Tavern

4. Charlie Gehringer

5. The day after Thanksgiving – Black Friday

6. Kuh-HOCK-tuh

7. Fowlerville

8. Ronald Reagan

9. A famed restaurant in Brighton that closed about 30 years ago.

10. Hartland

11. Hell

12. Livingston County Press

13. Three – in Brighton, Hartland and Howell

14 The Potawatomi Trail

15. Dick Chrysler

16. It’s the playground in downtown Brighton.

17. True

18. True

19. Green Oak Township

20. Pinckney


20 correct: You obviously cheated.

15-19 correct: You can call yourself Pure Livingston!

10-14 correct: Not bad, but you need to get out more. Start with a trip to Cohoctah and Unadilla.

0-9 correct: We’re guessing you still need a map to get from Howell to Brighton, right?

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  1. Darn. This makes me miss The Canopy all over again. (I didn’t know the name of the hiking trail nor which candidate skipped campaigning here. But I knew the rest. Maybe I need to get out more…)

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