Hoping not to fall into the toilet

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Are you or your kids looking forward to going back to school?

Well, I’m going into middle school and I’m pretty confident about it.

Just last week, I was helping Southwest Elementary School by sitting through a lesson with their candidates for open teaching jobs. While I was there, we read a story about a boy who is going into sixth grade and he is worried about these things:

-being late for school;

-falling in the toilet due to the eighth graders putting butter on the seats;

-no doors on second floor stalls; and

-a lot more homework.

When my mom asked me if I was worried about middle school, I replied: “Sort of, I heard that the eighth graders put butter on the seats so I will fall in.”

“Don’t be silly,” she said, laughing. “The eighth graders aren’t going to butter the seats. Besides, you’re too big to fall through!”

I scowled at that remark.

So I guess I could say that I’m pretty excited about middle school.

(Even if I do fall through the toilet!)