High school love: Can it last?

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Everyday after that bell rings at 2:16 p.m., couples cling together like moths to the candle on your back porch.

This kind of attraction, unknown to the students in middle school, causes a new environment for teenagers. Finally, they are allowed to hold hands and hug their significant other right in front of a teacher and they won’t be given a detention.

But does that mean all of the relationships last?

Take it from someone who’s seen it and who hears about it every single day. Dozens of couples get together and break up every single day in high school. For the new sweethearts, it’s a road trip they won’t soon be forgetting. Questions are thrown around about the ‘new couple’ and how they’ll never last, or occasionally how they’re perfect for one another.

My own parents were high school sweeties, but that doesn’t mean everyone is that lucky. Many students have special situations where they get to that moment of marriage…but it happens very rarely. Every couple appreciates believers rather than skeptics. I mean, would you rather have support or tons of people telling you it will never work out?

But for most unfortunate newbies, the relationship only lasts for a week or two before another comes along or something goes terribly wrong. Later in life, we all realize that we will KNOW when we meet that one special person but, for now, teenagers will be teenagers.

What do you think? Is it possible to fall into love at a young age? Or will it end in inevitable disaster?