Group’s first meeting raises $7,300 for local charity

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Congratulations to Candye Hinton and Livingston County’s 100 Women Who Care. The group’s inaugural 73 members raised $7,300 — $100 per member — in just one hour. The money went to a brand-new organization, Mission House of Fowlerville, which helps pre-teens with substance abuse problems.

That so much money was raised in such a short amount of time is testament to Hinton’s passion, and the power of a simple idea executed well.

Fund-raising is a fact of life for non-profits. There are walks and runs, spaghetti dinners and auctions, performances and golf extravaganzas, events that take time and effort to plan and execute. These events raise lots of much-needed money and build lots of excitement and energy for a group and its mission. They are a whole lot of fun.

They also take more than an hour.

This new idea — call it speed fund-raising, if you will — is elegant in its simplicity.

The recipe: Get 100 women with $100 each together for one hour. Hear short presentations from three nonprofits. Vote for one organization to receive the money. Voila! One deserving nonprofit goes home with $10,000.

Hinton is no stranger to nonprofits or the challenge of raising funds. She’s been chairperson of Livingston County’s Walk for Warmth for several years, worked on lots of other events, and serves on nonprofit boards. She knows what it takes to do good. When she saw the 100 Women idea in action in another community, she fell in love with it and brought it here to Livingston County.

Last night, Livingston County’s 100 Women’s inaugural event sent Mission House home with $7,300.

Imagine what that $7,300 means to Mission House, and how it will help kick-start the group’s work.

Think, too, how much money the 100 Women who care about Livingston County will raise in just four hours a year!

If you’re interested in becoming part of the group, Livingston County’s 100 Women wants you. If you’re interested, you can click on the inaugural event’s Facebook page, or the group’s website.

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