Fund A Life helps retired Brighton HS employee with grant

Bonnie Erwin and a canine friend

Fund A Life awarded Bonnie Erwin, a retired Brighton High School employee and community supporter, a $5,000 grant to help with the overwhelming struggles of health issues and medical bills. Erwin underwent treatment for colorectal cancer, leaving her under tremendous financial strain and unable to return to work. Erwin served Brighton High School students for many years, and is well known in the community.

Erwin’s journey and her strong Brighton community connection resonated with Mark Howell, Fund A Life founder and executive director. Howell, a well-known community member, is a Brighton graduate and soccer coach. As a 30-year-old, Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer survivor, Howell was once given only weeks to live.

Howell’s life was “funded” by the Livingston County community, which, through an outpouring of support, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Howell and his young family. Without the financial and emotional support of the community, the rare and aggressive form of cancer he courageously battled would have taken his life swiftly. This experience led Howell to found Fund a Life.

Fund a Life NFP, led by Mark Howell and an army of community volunteers, are dedicated to “funding lives” through all major life-altering circumstances. The organization utilizes the expertise and community resources to continuously fund-raise, while seeking out people in need faced with overwhelming obstacles in their lives. Uniquely, Fund a Life, can help provide financial aid swiftly to individuals and families facing all types of challenges, unlike other assistance services.

Fund a Life has granted over $60,000 for situations such as critical health diagnoses, dangerous living conditions, loss of bread-winning loved ones, and much more, events that have left financial strain on families and impacted.

“We are absolutely honored to be able to provide support for an individual who has impacted so many Bulldog staff, students, and community members during her tenure. Funding Ms. Erwin with the means to alleviate financial stress and continue to lift her up through this season of life is exactly why I founded Fund A Life,” said Mark Howell, founder and executive director of Fund a Life. “By shining the light on life’s darkest moments, we are able to bring a small sense of peace. I know how isolating and desperate situations like this can impact a person’s financial and emotional stability, and I am proud that the work that we are doing can continue to help alter the course of someone’s life.”

Fund a Life (FAL) raises funds through various community events and campaigns, many championed by volunteers. FAL is a proud partner of the 2019 Brighton High School Senior Survivor campaign, and will be hosting the 3rd Annual Fund a Life 5k and Yoga Event on July 13, 2019, at Brighton High School, which last year hosted over 300 participants and raised over $24,000. Participants interested in upcoming events and ways to support can find more information at www.fundalife.org.

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