Former Congressional candidate Detmer advocates killings over “election fraud”

Mike Detmer, a used-car salesman from Howell who unsuccessfully ran for the Republican nomination in the 8th Congressional district this year, is advocating the killing of those he deems guilty of “election fraud” in 2020.

Detmer made the proclamation in a Facebook post on Nov. 20, saying that what he deems “election fraud” and “fixing” will “necessitate firing squads.”

Here’s his post:

Detmer did not specify who he thinks should be killed, but he has railed against a wide assortment of both Democrats and Republicans in his Facebook posts since the Nov. 3 election.

Mike Detmer, left, in the photo he posted on his Facebook page. The photo was taken on April 15, 2020, as Detmer and the rest of the group headed from Howell to Lansing for the “Operation Lockdown” protest at the capitol.

Detmer has become a wildly controversial figure in local politics since he burst onto the scene last year. Among other things, he attracted statewide attention earlier this year when he posed for a mask-less photo in April with members of the Proud Boys. He ended up finishing second to Paul Junge in the four-person GOP primary in the 8th Congressional District, but finished first in Livingston County.

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  1. It’s embarrassing to me that so many people in Livingston County voted for this crack pot. Detmer’s 15 minutes in the spot light was over about 14 minutes ago. Time for our county to move on and focus on someone more positive.

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