FOR SALE: One backyard playset in great condition, full of memories

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Asking price for this playset is $1,500, which includes delivery to your home in Southeast Michigan and complete set-up in your yard.

It’s time to find a new home for the wonderful backyard Rainbow playset that’s entertained my kid and his friends so exceptionally well.

The playset features two swings, a swinging tire, slide, picnic table, ladder, roped ramp, and ringed pull-up bar — in addition the very cool, second-story fort with a cedar roof. It is in great condition.

But our kid is nearly 13, his interests extending more to hanging out and playing video games, rather than playing on the set. He’s outgrown it, and there are no youngsters coming up behind him in our household.

It’s time for a new home for the playset.

It’s time for a new set of kids to climb and swing on it, to run up the ramp and then slip down the yellow slide, to pretend they’re pirates and eat peanut-butter sandwiches at the picnic table.

It’s time for a new family.

If you or anyone you know is interested in the set, we’re asking $1,500 for it. This great price includes delivery to your Southeast Michigan home and complete set-up in your back yard.

The unit a big set, well-constructed of cedar, wood free of arsenic. You can read all about the sets by clicking here. Ours is in great condition.

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