Facebook page announces closing of historic Howell Theater (with update)

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UPDATE: The Daily Press & Argus followed up about the theater reopening.

According to the DPA story, Holly Gerdom, who currently operates The Lyon Theater in South Lyon, said her management company, Howell Theater LLC, was a little surprised to learn the theater had closed. She plans to re-open the Howell Theater on Oct. 7.


Original post:

Condolences over the apparent closing of the Howell Theater began racking up on the business’ Facebook page Sunday after the following status message appeared at approximately 4 p.m.:

“After negotiations with FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN HOWELL to purchase The Howell Theater building and renewal of our lease have failed, We regret to inform you The Howell Theater will be closing tonight Sunday, August 28th after the 7:00pm showings. We appreciate each and everyone of our customers (FRIENDS) and your support. THE CHANDLER FAMILY.”

Little else is known at this time.

The apparent closing comes on the heels of a summer in which my kid made good use of the historic theater, especially for his birthday.

Seems my kid’s birthday and the opening of the final Harry Potter movie happened the same day, one of the hottest I’ve sweated through in a long, long time. To mark the doubly auspicious day, a gaggle of 12-year-old boys spent the night on my screened porch and then walked to the Howell Theater to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.”

The boys were treated well, and in honor of his special day, my kid was presented with a full-size poster of the final movie.

At the time. I planned to write a post about the wonderfulness of my son’s newfound joy in wiling away summer days in Howell’s magnificent downtown. Somehow, my time reigning over construction chaos at my house got in the way.

And now, the Howell Theater appears to be closed for good.

I am not sure the circumstances with the closing, only that a good number of people on Facebook are sharing their sadness at the historic theater’s apparent closing.

Stay tuned.


You can read the DPA post by clicking here.

You can stay in touch with the Howell Theater’s new website by clicking here.

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