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Bob Huston, a photographer who is very passionate about the City of Detroit, has been capturing images of the city’s historic and forgotten structures for nearly 10 years. These images have become a project called Detroit Unseen, which helps to capture and document Detroit’s changes within a positive context.

Join us at the Brighton District Library for a presentation of Detroit Unseen from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 26; registration began June 12.

Huston started to take photos of Detroit around 2008. He was interested in documenting Detroit and the changes taking place and watched the beautiful buildings become abandoned and destroyed. There was no other city around that had the amount of abandonment that Detroit had, most interestingly a “graveyard” of skyscrapers. Huston’s goal became to document the buildings before they were demolished or ruined and to look at the buildings as beautiful, unique pieces of history, art, and craftsmanship.

Huston’s presentation will highlight his 10 years of exploring and photographing Detroit’s historic structures, the history of each building, how Detroit became a “symbol” of abandonment and ruin, and how Detroit has managed to be on the forefront of saving many of these architectural gems from extinction.

“Despite sometimes being saddened by a lost building or a loss of history, I enjoy documenting the changes,” Huston said. “My hope is that in the coming years as city planners, investors, and speculators make way for progress, Detroit can hold onto its rich culture and iconic history.

“The Flag of Detroit contains the two Latin slogans: ‘Speramus Meliora’ and ‘Resurget Cineribus,’ meaning ‘We hope for better things’ and ‘It will rise from the ashes’” The prophetic phrases originally created in reference to the 1805 fire, ring true more now than ever. I take these slogans to heart as I go out and explore our great city.”

Detroit Unseen is generously sponsored by the Friends of the Brighton District Library. The Brighton District Library is located at 100 Library Drive, Brighton.

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