Ex-mayors: Keep Howell City Council non-partisan

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Should you watch any news, you realize how polarized our national dialogue has become. Republicans and Democrats so diametrically different on issues and approaches that nothing seems to get accomplished. Folks seem too busy screaming at each other or making allegations — no one seems to listen to each other anymore while problems remain unresolved.

As a modest-sized town of just a little over 10,000 residents, Howell, like most towns across the state, have a governance structure closest to its constituents.

Even better, Howell’s city charter, adopted in 1955 and amended by its residents in 1966 and 1968, mandates a nonpartisan form of governance. Council members serve at-large and represent all residents. Although each council members bring their own life experiences to benefit decision making, they are neither republican nor democrat when serving on the Howell City Council.

To be true to our charter mandate, neither political party should be actively supporting candidates. Should candidates receive support and are elected, one could assume that those candidates would be expected to carry that ideology into council deliberations and, by default, not be representing all residents.

In this election cycle, we believe the re-election of Jan Lobur and election of both Luke Wilson and Jake Schlittler will keep the Howell City Council true to the charter mandate of nonpartisanship.

Mrs. Lobur has shown her independence having served effectively on council for the past six years. Both Dr. Schlittler and Mr. Wilson, lifelong residents of Howell and graduates of Howell High School, are downtown business owners.

All embrace fiscal responsibility, support of law enforcement, and economic development. They will represent all of us effectively and, equally important, be available to all of us to listen to our ideas and concerns.

We urge you to support Jan Lobur, Luke Wilson and Jake Schlittler for election to the Howell City Council to keep our representation nonpartisan.

Nick Proctor, Mayor 2015-2021

Paul Streng, Mayor 1991-1997

Mike Yost, Mayor 1989-1991

Esther Brown, Mayor 1985-1989

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