LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Electoral process a point of pride

The League of Women Voters of Ann Arbor Area, Brighton/Howell Unit is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, which took patriotic pride when a great number of our members took an active part in our county’s  electoral process.  Whether they volunteered as poll watchers, worked long hours as election inspectors or precinct captains, or witnessed the entire certification process of the Livingston County Board of Canvassers, we can say with conviction that the security of the ballots and the accuracy of the results should be celebrated by all who cast their vote on Nov. 3.

We wish to thank County Clerk Elizabeth Hundley and Election Coordinator Joe Bridgman, the county’s 16 local and two city clerks, four bi-partisan Board of Canvassers, and the hundreds of poll workers across the county for stepping up and meeting the challenge of this record-breaking voter turnout.  Following are first-hand testimonies of our League members, sharing their positive experiences in their various roles during this overwhelming election season.

“As a poll worker in Precinct 2, Marion Township, we say hats off to the Clerk Tammy Beal.  We had challengers at two different times during the day that commented on what a well-oiled machine was being run and how impressed they were with the integrity of the workers doing their jobs.” (Gayla R.)

“I was the democratic challenger for absentee ballot counting for Genoa Township. Everyone there was welcoming. I was impressed with the high level of organization and team mentality. There is no question that the count was conducted with the highest possible integrity. I observed that all ballot questions were solved by a bipartisan team. I was very positively impressed.“ (Lorrie M.)

“I was an observer at the Board of Canvassers for Livingston County. Everyone should volunteer at some level during elections, it’s so eye opening! The process works, and our county Board of Canvassers worked tirelessly to complete the vote certification. Excellent bipartisan work.” (Deb O.)

“After several hours of watching and listening as another observer of the Livingston County Board of Canvassers, I can attest to the inspiring dedication of our County Clerk, Election Coordinator, and four members of the Board of Canvassers (two Democrats and two Republicans). Not only was the integrity of the election upheld, but these wonderful people worked together like a well-oiled machine. Their focus was solely on doing their jobs to the highest possible standard. Collectively they successfully completed a stressful task and on behalf of county voters, I humbly thank them for their service!” (Shirley  J.)

“I started working as an election inspector in 2018 for Hamburg Township and want to give a shout-out to the excellent organization of all aspects of running eight precincts and an absentee ballot board that the clerk’s office oversees for each election. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the team Pat Hughes puts together on behalf of the township. Kudos to Pat and best wishes on her new and future endeavors. This year I also witnessed the next step by participating in the League’s  observation of the county Board of Canvassers and was equally impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail this bipartisan group performed.” (Cathy S.)

“Every election, we get the chance to shape our democracy with our vote. Even through the stresses that 2020 has brought, the League encourages you to take a moment to celebrate our democracy and our amazing local election officials who won’t rest until they deliver results for the American people. True heroes. Democracy is worth waiting for.” LWV-MI

With immense gratitude,

Ellen Lafferty, Chairperson
League of Women Voters of Ann Arbor Area, Brighton/Howell Unit

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