Do Your Followers Have a Role in Strategy?

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Your followers have a significant role in -executing- strategy. Teams are chartered to execute a mission, objectives, and goals. The underlying strategy defining these activities need to ‘harmonize,’ to some minimal degree, with your team(s) or they will not be executed, or executed ‘fully.’

Followers are not just ’employees,’ showing up for a check, to be led around by their noses. In today’s world, given the rate of change, disruption, and ambiguity, require team members with some level of autonomy. They require a level of independence and, yes, trust, that would not have been considered permissible even 30 years ago.

With such autonomy and independence, let alone geographic dispersion, your strategy needs to remain true to the organization and why they joined it. Things do change, but if your strategy goes too far afield, does not harmonize or resonate, productive execution will falter.