Detmer announces run for state Senate


Mike Detmer, who announced earlier this year that he was running in the Republican primary in order to challenge U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin in the general election, has changed his mind: he is going to take on state Sen. Lana Theis in the 2022 Republican primary.

At the present, Theis represents Michigan’s 22nd State Senate District, which includes all of Livingston County and western Washtenaw County; it’s unclear where the district lines will end up after the redistricting process concludes.

Detmer is a controversial candidate who ran unsuccessfully in the 2020 GOP primary for the 8th Congressional District; posted a photo of himself with a member of the Proud Boys in the background; and ran unsuccessfully for state rep in 1998, when he lived in the Rochester/Troy area.

In a Facebook post in which he announces his candidacy, Detmer foreshadows a looming political battle:

“The battle lines are being drawn folks and the long knives are out,” he wrote in the post. “For those few who are angry with what’s coming, I just want you to know…it’s not personal. But we the people politely encouraged you to do the right things. You were politely warned. You ignored us. And now, …well, you have a fight on your hands.”

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  1. Detmer is a scary dude. But it would be nice if his candidacy forced Lana Theis to make a clear statement about the 2020 election. She was vice-chair on a Republican controlled, four-person committee that looked into the so-called election fraud in Michigan. The committee’s report strongly and clearly said that not only was there no fraud, but also that if you maintained that there was, you were either a liar, a flimflam artist, or incurably stupid. The report and its author (a very conservative and principled Upper Peninsula dairy farmer) were
    pretty clear about that. But Theis has stayed clear of it, even after former President Trump called the report a cover-up. So it seems the choice is clear: Does Theis stand by the report that the stolen election claims are false? Or is she guilty of a cover-up? Does she have the balls to say publicly that Donald Trump is wrong? Or does even someone like Theis have to bow before the MAGA altar?

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