Daddies do ballet in Brighton

You’ve probably heard of a Daddy Daughter Dance, but how about a Daddy Daughter Dance class? That’s exactly what several daring and caring local dads participated in last week, as they attempted to walk (and leap, twirl, and turn) a mile in their darling daughters’ ballet slippers.

For the second year in a row, Brighton School of Ballet held a special class inviting dads (and uncles/grandfathers/friends) to join in the fun. Studio owner and artistic director Katrina Frelich, who came up with the idea for the Valentine-themed event and taught the class, said she was so impressed by what good sports the gentlemen were.

“It was so touching to see the interactions,” Frelich said, “and it also helped the men better understand how hard the girls work in class and the athleticism dance requires.”

After one hour of instruction the class performed a choreographed dance, and then celebrated with well-earned punch and cookies. Frelich said the dads’ willingness to participate in the event is just one example of the support that families provide their dancers day in and day out.

“It’s that support and love behind the scenes that helps our dancers achieve great things on stage, and makes us so proud to work with them,” she said.

So how did the dads do? Watch the heartwarming video and see for yourself.


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