COVID patients filling 40% of beds at St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital

St. Joseph Mercy Livingston today has 17 patients hospitalized with COVID-19. That number represents 40 percent of the beds at the hospital.

That’s a record number for the hospital during the pandemic.

“The number of St. Joseph Mercy Livingston COVID patients is significantly higher than they were just a few weeks ago,” said hospital spokesperson Bobby Moldanado, “Previously, the facility had peaked at about 15 COVID-positive patients.”

The increased number of hospitalizations is happening at a time when Michigan ranks among the top states for COVID. In a story today, CBS News called Michigan the “newest coronavirus epicenter in the United States.”

The COVID numbers in Livingston County are increasing at the same time as the Livingston County Board of Commissioners rejected extending the state’s Declaration of Emergency, which allows it to meet virtually; instead, the board has opted for a hybrid of in-person and virtual access. Following suit have been various local units of government, including the townships of Genoa and Brighton.

You can track the number of COVID patients at SJML by clicking here.

Check out what’s happening to Livingston County’s numbers below:

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  1. This doesn’t surprise me at all.
    I drove through beautiful downtown Howell on Thursday afternoon.  It was a spectacular day; sunny and warm.
    Lots of people were milling about, enjoying the day, having a good time.
    As I left the area I thought to myself that I didn’t see a mask, not one.
    Please review the second graph, the Confirmed Cases Over Time.  Pay particular attention to the area around October 2, 2020…  look at the incline in cases before that date and after that date.
    October 2, 2020 is when the Michigan GOP had the Court toss out Whitmer’s use of emergency powers; saying that the Legislature must be involved.
    What has the Legislature done to support and contribute to our fight against the virus?
    I see criticisms against EVERYTHING that the Governor does. EVERYTHING.  Apparently there has never been a single action that they agree with.  I see nothing.  The time when it looked like the virus increase was leveling off, the GOP’s complaint was that she wasn’t working on the roads.  Give me a break.
    I struggle to understand that even with a global pandemic that we can no longer get together to better our County and our Country.
    I am beginning to feel that the MI GOP isn’t part of the problem, they ARE the problem, and their actions haven’t convinced me otherwise. 

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