County residents encouraged to continue safe steps during gatherings

As the holiday weekend approaches, Livingston County Emergency Operations Center encourages residents to continue practicing safe steps if and when gathering.

Many factors influence the chance of getting or spreading COVID-19. When possible, choose activities or behaviors that are lower risk, such as keeping six feet apart rather than standing close to one another and gathering outside rather than indoors. If you choose to gather in a large indoor space, make sure the area is cleaned and disinfected before and after the gathering. The more low risk choices you make during a gathering, the more protection you have from getting or spreading COVID-19.

The following are tips for a safer gathering:

1. Keep it small. A gathering should be under 10 people.

2. Meet outside.

3. Stay at least 6 feet apart.

4. Wash or sanitize hands often.

5. Wear masks if possible.

6. Do not share food, drinks, or other items. Have everyone bring their own snacks or serve food with single-use serving utensils.

Residents are also reminded of general safety tips. If you choose to travel this holiday weekend, remember to buckle up, follow speed limits, and don’t drink and drive. Individual actions affect the health and safety of others, now more than ever. By following the tips above, residents can continue to do their part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting their families and community.

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