County Master Plan wins prestigious award

The Livingston County Master Plan is the winner of the prestigious 2020 Merit Award of the American Planning Association’s County Planning Division, and its sister organization, the National Association of County Planners. Livingston County earned the award for large jurisdictions with populations over 50,000.

The Livingston County Master Plan was adopted in October 2018. The entire planning process of creating this document was completed in-house by Livingston County Planning Department’s three American Institute of Certified Planners, in conjunction with the seven-person Livingston County Planning Commission. The process was fully funded through the department’s annual budget and with support from the Livingston County Board of Commissioners.

Livingston County’s master plan is intended to provide a big-picture, county-wide approach to planning that focuses on the planning features that connect the county’s 20 local units of government. These features may be part of the built environment, such as transportation corridors; natural features, such as rivers and streams; and land uses at the boundaries of Livingston County and each municipality.

The Livingston County Master Plan is a full web-based, interactive plan that focuses on presenting current national, state, regional, county and local planning and zoning trends, and best practices of these chapters. Livingston County does not currently have a county-wide zoning ordinance, so the Livingston County Master Plan is intended to influence both the master plans and zoning ordinances of our local communities. An online version of the plan is available by clicking here.

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