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  1. Buddy Moorehouse, I want to know what my state elected officials think about the demonstrations in Lansing. My reasonably sophisticated knowledge of the dangers of the novel coronavirus inform me that many of the demonstrators exercised very poor judgement in their behavior. In addition, the Governor’s orders are all well informed by epidemiological protocol and science. Dr. Vaupel, especially, should have a statement about this. In addition, there is no place for racist symbols anywhere in our society, and this should be protested always by our elected leaders. Republican officials who stay out of sight on an issue that is important to their constituents are AWOL. Let’s hear them say, for example, that they sympathize with demonstrators’ concerns, but maintain responsible social distance and NO RACIST SYMBOLS. Keep your outrage in perspective, and mute your personal snit with the elected leader of the Livingston County Democratic Party.

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