Checkout What’s Nearby: Plymouth Ice Festival

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Torben Photography_Plymouth Ice Festival - (3)

Torben Photography_Plymouth Ice Festival - (8)If you weren’t already aware, this weekend, right now, is the annual Plymouth Ice Festival.  This is a great event for everyone, anyone who can tolerate a bit of cold.

Plymouth holds similar appeal to me as does Howell.  It’s one of a handful of cities or towns that has been able to hold onto its sense of community, its sense of identity.  A large reason for this is the community anchor, Kellogg Park.

The event runs from Friday through Sunday. Thursday night is a bonus. For photographers, you can get out before too many self-placing obstructions (i.e. people) begin to appear. Thursday night is also when the commissioned art is being placed on display, and, artists (from around the world, some years) are actively setup and carving their works.

Torben Photography_Plymouth Ice Festival - (10)Last night felt kind of special, even for the ice festival: it was lightly snowing.  Everything had a fresh layer of white and, with all the lights, a gentle glow.

If you are wondering what to do this weekend…

The Plymouth Ice Festival’s a great event to get out and enjoy. Take pictures, take the kids, take grandma too. I have yet to hear anyone complain about the cold once they’ve gotten there and started enjoying the sites. (Besides, there’s a Panera Bread and Starbucks, among other warm-u-up eateries, bordering the park.)

Watch @TorbenPhotography as I share these and other photographs this weekend.

By the way, this year, my favorite is the purple(ish) duck.



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