Charyl Stockwell student co-authors statistical study with engineer father

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Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy sophomore Audrey Hertz joined her father, Mike Hertz, to co-author a study examining a theoretical model for electrical timing.

Mike and Audrey Hertz.

Published in the Signal Integrity Journal, the study determined how well the statistical model predicts the behavior of real-world systems.

“In many signal integrity applications, such as the estimation of random jitter at a given bit error ratio, the given population of a statistical distribution is used to infer a potential future outcome,” said Mike about the study. “The prediction indicated that as a sample population grows, the limit of the ratio of range-to-sigma increases within specified bounds.”

The study’s impact was in its ability to validate an abstract model and determine its usefulness in predicting real measurement results. “Theoretical models exist in many fields, but the real test is to see how the models perform when presented with real world situations,” said Mike.

As an electrical engineer working in the electronic test and measurement field, Mike was approached by an editor about the study. He had access to the engineering lab equipment, and he asked Audrey if she would be interested in taking part. During her summer break, Audrey spent time learning the equipment, collecting and analyzing data, and summarizing her findings. The pair then co-wrote the article before summer came to a close.

With an already tight-knit relationship, co-authoring the study was a great way for Audrey to learn more about engineering and for the two to bounce ideas off each other.

“Working on the paper together was a great opportunity for both of us,” said Mike. “We worked easily and seamlessly together. Audrey is bright and perceptive and was able to add a new perspective to the project.”

“Working on the article was fun,” said Audrey. “It was rewarding to apply what I learned from theory to solve a real-world challenge.”

Outside of their work together, Audrey enjoys art and drawing, as well as spending time with her father walking their dog, biking and hiking. She is a bright, lifelong Charyl Stockwell Academy District student and has already completed CSPA’s high school level math courses. As of this month, Audrey has passed 2 AP tests, 3 CLEP tests and 1 DSST test, earning a confirmed 22 college credits as defined by the Michigan State University transfer equivalency schedule. She is registered to take several more AP and CLEP tests, likely yielding additional college credits this calendar year.

After finishing 12th grade, Audrey is likely to have earned at least 56 confirmed college credits and potentially will achieve 88 earned college credits while in high school. MSU considers a student with 56 earned college credits to be a junior and 88 earned college credits to be a senior — so when Audrey steps on campus for the first time, she could enter MSU as either a college junior or a college senior by credits.

“During her final year in middle school, Audrey experienced an unparalleled level of confidence and excitement,” said Dina Barnaby, principal of Charyl Stockwell Academy Middle School. “She has developed a sense of determination and perseverance, coupled with an insatiable curiosity about the world around her, which makes her a force to be reckoned with. It’s exciting to witness her use her voice to make a difference in her world.”

The father-daughter duo is excited to continue working together in the future, with plans to co-author another study on an electrical engineering topic next summer. Those interested in reading Mike and Audrey’s study, “Range and Standard Deviation: Comparing the Stochastic Model with Real-World,” can learn more here.

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