Brighton’s Border Cantina goes out of business


The Border Cantina in Brighton has closed, and people at the restaurant are telling patrons that it won’t be reopening.

Numerous patrons are posting on Facebook that people at the restaurant are telling customers that the restaurant will be closed for several months, and that when it does reopen, it won’t be the Border Cantina anymore.

Located at 8472 W. Grand River Ave. in Brighton, the Border Cantina has been one of Livingston County’s most popular Mexican restaurants for more than two decades.

The restaurant reportedly closed with no notice, denying longtime patrons a chance to have one last meal there.

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  1. Only ate there once, was invited by someone to go there, sorry about the employees losing their jobs. was terrible food, and far from authentic. I ordered a chili renello and got something filled with beans. really bad food and not authentic.

  2. I loved Border Cantina. They had the best top-shelf margaritas around, and after having their fish tacos, I wouldn’t eat them anywhere else, and always ordered that from their menu. Sadness….

  3. Used to be a great restaurant. Then the food quality went down and then some of the staff members were unbearable

  4. My family and I used to enjoy going there. Food has gone downhill. About the only time we went anymore was for the free birthday dinners. Have been going to Mi Zarepe For about 5 years now. Their food is excellent and way more authentic.

    • You think Mi Zarepe is more authentic? Ha! That place is a joke and the worst food around. Taco Bell is more authentic

  5. I remember when this place was Sammy’s Sail Inn. great restaurant. Then it changed to Border Cantina. Just sorry to see a mainstay of Brighton go down.

  6. We have been going there for more than 15 years. I have all the Mexican restaurants in this area that was the best one ever. It will surely be missed buy me and my family.

  7. Hardly a mom and pop business! The “mom”, aka owner, was responsible for the restaurant being run into the ground and closing. I did not work there, but have knowledge of the place.
    I feel so sorry for the employees who worked there, and had no notice of the closing. Again, the “mom” did that. Shame on her.
    I can say that there are a lot of behind the scenes things that people don’t know about. The employees put up with a lot.
    I’m hoping the place will re-open, under a new name, and the employees who just lost their jobs, will have a chance for new employment.

  8. I used to like going there but recently went and it was horrible! Staff
    was more interested in talking to each other than waiting on patrons!

  9. Sad to see this happen, esp for the employees and their families. Our family and friends loved the place and their catering was amazing. Hoping not to see another diner or pizza joint.

  10. Food quality had gone downhill over the last 5 years….Don’t know what changed but it was for the worse…

  11. Been going there for most of the past 20 years, was always very good, consistent , a great work staff, will be greatly missed! Best chicken tacos and enchiladas around!!!!!

  12. We ate there many many times over the years and enjoyed their food. They have needed bathroom renovation for years though.

  13. I feel bad for all of the employees who lost their jobs with no notice at all! Right after Christmas! What a terrible way to treat people who work for you. The owner should be ashamed of themselves!

  14. No great loss it was filthy inside and the food was not that good either. Hopefully something good comes in.

      • Use it at the Novi location. They have both locations listed on their website so I would think they would honor it.

  15. Happy that a mom and pop business closed because you didn’t enjoy it? Wow, way to throw out some good Karma. That business supported numerous families. Good job being a total jerkoff.

    • Well, it doesn’t matter if a restaurant is a chain or family owned, if it’s bad, it’s bad. I support local, family owned businesses, but certain ones will never get my business again because they just aren’t run well.

  16. Lived in Brighton for a while and this was literally the worst restaurant I’ve ever been to. So happy to hear the news.

    • After Sammys Sail inn and before the cantinai it was Norm Guests Sail inn, then his son for a short time. Then Perry came in. Sammy kept the name and Perry changed it to Mexican. I tended bar for all of them but Sammy.

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