Brighton DDA improving downtown crosswalks

The Brighton Downtown Development Authority is purchasing enhanced lighted pedestrian signs that will flash when the pedestrian hits the “walk” button. These new signs will replace the in-ground crosswalk lights. During the time of transition, the city has placed signs in the center lanes instructing drivers to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. Brighton’s officers will be on the lookout for drivers who speed, fail to yield, or drive distracted.

Brighton uses a press-to-walk system that allows the pedestrian to hit a button and turn on in-ground lights across the street as well as lights on the sign posts at the curb. Accentuated crosswalks can be found along Main Street at St. Paul Street, West Street, Hyne Street, First Street, and in the crosswalk at the Millpond.

The current system has presented a number of issues over the past few years. The in-ground lights have needed frequent repairs due to damage caused by climate, salt trucks and plows, and general wear-and- tear. Replacement lights are expensive and can only be installed when temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees. As a result, the in-ground lights are often broken, especially during the late winter months. Given these issues, Brighton’s Department of Public Works determined that the city should pursue enhanced lighted pedestrian signs that will require little maintenance and be operational year-round.

The new signs are proposed to be installed mid-summer.

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