Brighton 12U travel softball team caps off stellar season with championship

The Brighton Youth Softball and Baseball Program (BYBSP) 12U Black Travel Softball team.
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The Brighton Youth Softball and Baseball Program (BYBSP) 12U Black Travel Softball team capped off a stellar season by winning the Gold North division in the Western Wayne County League (WWCL).

The Brighton team completed the season with a league record of 9-3-1 and an overall record of 17-7-1. The championship capped off a remarkable renaissance for the team.

“I am very proud of these girls,” said Coach Alicia Urbain. “Many of them have now played in the Brighton program for 2-3 years together.  We started out a few years ago as one of the lowest teams in the lowest divisions, and now this is the top team in one of the top divisions.”

The BYPSP partnered with the Legacy Center to become one of their Community Travel teams this year. In addition to having access to the high-quality facilities and an indoor league, the coaches say the integration of the Brighton High School softball program systems and support of the professional staff, especially Coach Greathouse, are all factors for their success.

Coach Mike Jordan said, “The girls have made a huge effort to improve this season, and it shows coming from a 10U team that didn’t know much to a highly skilled division winning 12U team. As much fun is winning is, making sure the girls are having fun is always one of our top priorities.”

“We have a team of overachievers, and I love it,” coach Derek Burke said. “Early on, when we continued to overachieve consistently, that level of play became the new norm. That’s when we realized we had something special brewing. You could see the girls’ confidence grow.  It’s been a snowball of positive energy, however, it didn’t come easy. Our girls bought into our system, stepped out of their comfort zones, and worked extremely hard from day 1 last August. Most important, they’ve treated each other like family and managed to have a lot of fun along the way.”

The champions enjoy a team hug after their final game of the season last week.

The Brighton team is made up of 11 girls, seven of whom will be going into eighth grade and four that will be going into seventh grade, all at Scranton Middle School in Brighton.

The players felt thrilled at how the season came together.

Pitcher/first baseman Genna Urbain said, “Softball to me is an outlet where I can play the game I love and not be judged. Softball is a way to be with your friends outside of school. Because of our friendships we have built, we have become really close and that chemistry reflects on how we play.”

First baseman Leah Mullins said, “The best part is being on a team with these girls is that we can joke around and have fun, but we can also be there for each other when we make a mistake.”

Pitcher/third baseman Lily Mendez likes being apart of this team because “you always know that someone has your back, on or off of the field.”

Shortstop Katie Davis thinks the team has done well because “we all get along and cheer each other on, and we push ourselves to do our best.”

Pitcher/Second baseman Bella Peterman said, “We did so well this year because we never gave up, worked hard, and pushed ourselves to the best we could.”

Shortstop Katelyn Shareck added, “We have done so well this year because of the coaching. Without the coaching we wouldn’t have improved. And we have all improved since the beginning of the season. The coaches all believe in you and it makes you believe in yourself.”

Coach Jordan said that parental support was key to the team’s success. “The parents have been very supportive all along the way, on and off the field, we are better because of it,” he said.

Check out some season highlights in the video below.

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