Brennan sentenced to 6 months in county jail

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The sentencing of former Livingston County District Judge Theresa Brennan to six months in county jail brings to a close one of the biggest scandals ever in Livingston County history, one that featured sex, murder, lies, and cover-ups, and brought down an ambitious judge in its wake.

Brennan was scheduled to go to trial this month on three charges: perjury, tampering or destroying evidence, and misconduct in office. The charges of misconduct in office and tampering with evidence were dropped as part of the plea agreement in which she pleaded guilty on Dec. 3, 2019, to a single charge of perjury.

Brennan had faced up to 15 years in prison on the original three charges.

Before her sentencing, a tearful Brennan read from the letter she wrote to the court, calling her actions “ignorant, foolish, wrong.”

“I blame only myself,” Brennan said through her tears. “I have much to be grateful for. I ask for mercy.”

“You decided to lie to protect yourself,” said Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Paul Cusick, who presided over the case. “Request for probation under these circumstances is totally unacceptable.”

Cusick then imposed a sentence of six months in county jail, 200 hours of community service, and 18 months of probation. Brennan is to report to jail at 9 a.m. Friday, Jan. 24.

After the sentencing, some applause erupted in the courtroom.


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  1. She is a human being just like everyone else who made mistakes just like everyone else. While her sentence was rather light please keep in mind that her entire life has been shattered by her actions as well. Her guilt will not be easy for her to live with. She is suffering in jail or out of jail.

    • She is a human like all of us and has made her own mistakes, indeed. Her suffering is not the pursuit here. We just want the scales of justice to show it is not tipped in favor of the house, that’s all.

      There is a very common experience of people that had their cases heard in her courtroom – she was unrealistically denigrating, rude, and showed not much restraint to express her lack of compassion and outright disdain for any of the “humanness” in the people who made their mistakes – and had the misfortune of being judged for those mistakes by Ms. Brennan.

      We can all relate to being confused and angry by this entire situation. The people of this community elected her to hold a position of judgement – bearing direct and immediate decisions on our lives – and to do so honorably…..that is why judges are revered and referenced as “your honor”.

      This woman has betrayed the trust we bestowed upon her to be honorable….and she did so willingly. If there is anyone who is to know the boundaries and delineation of right and wrong, it is the judge and we are to trust that judge with our futures when we make mistakes.

      In all instances, we rightfully, and with duty, hold judges to the highest standard. Why else should one be worthy of the great influence and reverence?

      There is a miscarriage of justice here. There is great reason to believe she is paying a penalty too light. There is an absolute right to claim “ordinary”, but not less honorable, citizens would be judged and penalized much more harshly had they committed crimes as far reaching as she.

      She is human. She made a lot of mistakes. And she’s chosen to be a person who lacks integrity where she swore an oath to uphold….and she is paying the price. I do feel sympathy for her. The irony is, she, a criminal, whose opinion shaped our futures, rarely showed any sympathy for us. The price she should pay for her hypocrisy and betrayal should be grave and she didn’t get that….it’s not justice.

  2. THATS ALL SHE GOT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH!!!! What is wrong with our Judicial System?!!!!!!!! Come on now!!! Seriously!!! Any common man/woman off the streets would have gotten quadruple that!!!!! Really!!!!!!

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