Best Entertainment in Pinckney going out of business

Best Entertainment, a video game and video-rental store in Pinckney, is going out of business.

A sign on the store’s marquee out front says that the store is closing its doors after 29 years in business. The store says it’s offering all merchandise for 25 percent off.

A message posted by the store’s owner on the Village of Pinckney Facebook page says, “From all of us at best entertainment we wanted to thank everyone in Pinckney for the past 29 years! We always enjoyed providing our community with the latest entertainment and supporting them any way we could. Thank you for all your support through the years. Best Entertainment.

Best Entertainment was well-known for its unique daily promotion in which if offered a free DVD rental to a different name every day. As in, “If your name is Jenny, come inside for a free rental.”

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