Bald eagle on road to recovery at Howell Nature Center

A young, female bald eagle — found in Montrose, Mich., thin, dehydrated, and with injuries to both her wings — is on the road to recovery at the Howell Nature Center, one of the few facilities in the state able to rehabilitate her.

The bald eagle was found by a man walking his dog near the Flint River in Montrose, Mich.; she was lying on the ground, not moving. The man ran home, put his dog away, and returned to rescue the bald eagle, but was unable to find her. He then contacted the Michigan Department Natural Resources. A conservation officer from Detroit arrived, located the bald eagle, and, using a dog crate borrowed from the man, transported it to the Howell Nature Center, completing his very first eagle rescue.

It was the injured bald eagle’s lucky day as she likely would not have survived in the wild.

The staff of the Howell Nature Center identified the bird as female due to her large size; females in the bird of prey species are larger than the males. They also determined her to be 1 to 1-1/2 years old, based on the coloring of her feathers and eyes.

It is not yet sure whether the bald eagle will improve enough to be released back into the wild; a top predator, she needs to be able to hunt, and she’ll need a lot of physical therapy, medical care, and proper nutrition, as bald eagles require a highly specialized diet of primarily fish. It’s estimated it will cost over $2,500 to rehabilitate her over the next few months; if you’d like to help provide support, click here to make a donation.

Photos courtesy of the Howell Nature Center.

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