Another year, another set of Christmas wishes

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“And so this is Christmas/And what have you done?” — John Lennon

Another Christmas is here, time once again, if you please, for a list of Christmas wishes.

I write this as the “A Christmas  Story” marathon is rounding the corner for its second half. The small leg lamp I got when I visited the “Christmas Story” house last year bathed my living room with its 40-watt glow of electric sex last night.

Not sure what Santa thought, but he didn’t replace it with a bigger one, so I suspect I must have run that rare balance between naughty and nice this year.

Meanwhile, my ribs are healing and the sun is shining, and all is right with the world.

Let’s get going.

To Brian Morrison and Tony Greathouse: A chance to repeat as coaches of state champions.

To Nick Brish: Another chance to add to his collection of rings. After all, he led Brighton to a state wrestling title in February and was on the Mount Union team that won the Division III football crown this month. Seems like a decent year.

To John Baker: Continued health and a chance to lift Hartland to a repeat title this spring. His performance in last year’s postseason was nothing short of spectacular.

To Todd Cheney: A state title before his stellar career as Hartland’s wrestling coach is over, especially after coming so achingly close last year.

To Bret Shrader: A continued upswing in Fowlerville’s football fortunes.

To Tedd Bradley: A chance to control his own schedule in retirement after giving so much over the course of his career.

To Tim Olszewski: Nights where 50 points scored is by one team, not the combined total of both teams.

To Dave Johnson: All the best in his fight with pancreatic cancer.

To Bill Simmons: A pleasant winter in Las Vegas, and a spring playing chicken with the weather on our baseball broadcasts.

To Karl Kling and Tim Bailey: A shot at playing in the USCAA postseason this spring.

To hockey fans: Next year, to see Brighton and Howell playing in separate regions. This year, a chance to have two county teams back in the state finals.

To Brian Beaupied: Another good year. He’s getting married the week after my niece does in September. During football season. Thanks a lot, jerk.

To conspiracy theorists: A clue. If you really think I pushed Brian out of his old job, you need to wake up/get a hobby. Or both.

To Maria Stuart: No second thoughts.

To Adam Coon: More success in an extraordinary wrestling career at U-M.

To Jim Jonas: Another stellar season for his Ohio State Buckeyes, as long as they finish second in the West. Hey, I’m not Santa Claus.

To Julia Dean: Another strong season on the links and success for her Baylor football team. Unless they take on teams from the Great Lakes State.

To Paul Parsell: A successful run at the Holy Grail. His Brighton golf team could finally achieve in 2016 what it has sought for years: A state title.

There are some I have missed, I’m sure. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a standout New Year.



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  1. Best to you in the coming year from a member of Howell’s very first official state championship team.

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