Another Friday, another broadcast. We hope.

Last week, we had an unscheduled shakedown cruise, in that for whatever reason I was shaking my broadcast mixer, trying to get the signal on the air.

We got on sometime in the second quarter, which was, to be kind, less than optimal.

But we think we have the bugs worked out, and we’ll be back on the air, Bill Simmons and I, on Friday when Howell is home against Novi.

It’s a big game for both teams. A loss will make one of these teams 1-3, and winning five in a row with both Plymouth and Canton for these teams, and a meeting with Brighton for Howell, is almost problematic.

This isn’t to say upsets don’t happen. Howell fans remember the 2017 season not for its record, which was 2-7, but that one of the two was against Brighton. The Highlander defender who made the biggest plays did so with a broken hand, whom a Brighton assistant referred to as “The One-Armed Man” the next summer.

But that game is a ways off.

On Friday, Howell will be looking to even things up on the season, as will Novi, and we’re looking for a good contest.

We aim to make sure you don’t have to look for long.

All you have to do is click here and The Ol’ Announcers will be there to bring you the action on the last Friday night of summer.

See you then!

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