Actress Melissa Gilbert running for Congress

635748195640059154-melissa-gilbertToday, author and advocate Melissa Gilbert announced her candidacy to represent Michigan’s 8th congressional district.

“Here in Michigan, I know people are doing their best to make a good life for themselves and their families. When it comes down to it, I think that’s what we all really want,” said Gilbert. “I’m running for Congress to make life a little easier for all the families who feel they have fallen through the cracks in today’s economy. I believe building a new economy is a team effort, and we need to bring fresh voices to the table to get the job done.”

A working mom and now a grandmother, Melissa Gilbert lives in Livingston County, Mich., with her husband Timothy Busfield. She believes that supporting working families everywhere means building an economy that works for everyone.

A longtime advocate, Melissa is deeply committed to serving her community. She has been particularly attuned to issues confronting women, children and families.

Born in Los Angeles, Melissa Gilbert landed her first acting job at age 2. From 1973-1983, she starred as Laura Ingalls Wilder on Little House on the Prairie. She later went on to become president of the Screen Actors Guild, where she represented hundreds of thousands of performers across the country. Gilbert has authored three books, including the New York Times’ Best Seller “Prairie Tale: A Memoir.”

Melissa is passionate, committed and ready to work hard to help make a difference for the people of Michigan.

Gilbert is a Democrat running against incumbent Republican Congressman Mike Bishop. Bishop’s seat is regarded as one of national Republicans’ most vulnerable.

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