1 in 3 Children Live with Addiction

One in three children live with addiction. (National Association for Children of Alcoholics)

Children of alcoholics are 4 times more likely to develop an addiction or compulsive disorder.(Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration)

But a recovering addict whose children attended a local day camp for children of addicts feels like his children have a better chance for a good life because of the program. “The program reinforced that my addiction is not their fault and gave them tools to maintain a healthier lifestyle.”

The Children’s Program at Recovery Delivered clinic is a day camp lasting four days followed by on-going support including a book-of-the-month club and newsletters.  This free program is designed to break the multi-generational cycle of addiction.  This program is for children age 7-12 who have a family member with an alcohol or drug problem or who is active in recovery.  Children learn about the disease of addiction in age appropriate ways while meeting other children who are in a similar situation. They learn coping skills, problem solving tools, and self-care strategies.

Here’s a comment from a child of twelve who went through the program. “This program helped me to let out my feelings.  I looked at what I had done in the past when I was keeping things bottled up and I realized that it really hurt me. I will never forget this experience.”

A therapist at Livingston County Community Mental Health who referred her client says, “My client thought this was the absolute, greatest program. She had a lot of fun; she learned a lot and she now knows she is not the problem. It was a big turnaround for her and her mother.  I see strength in her now and higher self esteem.”

There are classes January 12-15, February 9-12, and throughout the year. Parents and caregivers participate with children on the last two days of the program.

One parent who participated reports, “The program has given my girls a better understanding of addiction and how to let out their feelings related to it. It was helpful for me to have happier children with a better understanding of what has been happening with their dad. I thought the entire program was incredible! It was exactly what my children needed.”

If you want more information about this FREE program that is open to the community please call Pat Schafer, LMSW at (810) 220-1807.


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