Where are all the editors when you need them?

Anyone who works with words for even a part of their living knows the horror of mistakes ending up in print.

Sure, mistakes can be embarrassing. They can also be funny. And these days, mistakes get sent ’round the Internet, like this one shared by a former journalism professor of mine.

You can read the story of this billboard by clicking here.

I wonder whether the guys of “The Great Typo Hunt” fame  or Jay Leno’s “Headlines” bit have seen this.

While I can’t recall making an error quite like the one in this photo, I once wrote a headline that made columnist Dave Barry’s weekly dispatch. The headline appeared on a story about a divorcing couple battling in court over their frozen embryos stored at a fertility clinic. Here is the headline:

Police seeking
woman in
fertilized egg suit

Talk about interesting fashion sense, eh?

If you know of any interesting local typos, take a cell phone photo and email me at maria@livingstontalk.com. I’ll compile them for a future blog post.

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