WATCH: Fascinating new drone video shows Green Oak roundabouts from the clouds

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They’ve been around for 11 years now, and they’re probably the most polarizing thing in Livingston County – the Green Oak Township roundabouts. People either love them or hate them.

And you’ve never seen them like this before.

The double roundabout in front of Costco and Kohl’s.

A new drone video from the Livingston Post’s Buddy Moorehouse shows the roundabouts from the skies, so you can see in great detail just what makes them so fascinating, so mesmerizing – and so confusing.

Located just south of Brighton at the intersection of U.S. 23 and Lee Road, the roundabouts were built in 2006 to handle traffic at the new shopping centers on both sides of the highway. There’s a single roundabout on the east side of the highway, and a double roundabout – the first double roundabout in North America, by the way – on the west side. And from the day they opened, they’ve been the source of controversy.

Some people love the fact that they don’t have to deal with a traffic light at the intersection, while others find them maddening and confusing. They try to get to Costco and then end up on U.S. 23 heading to Ann Arbor instead.

Now you can get a new perspective on the roundabouts as you watch them from above.

Check out the video, and then weigh in with a comment below. What do YOU think of the Green Oak Township roundabouts? Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

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  1. It’s kinda funny that at the beginning of the video they pick to show there is a truck with a trailer navigating the roundabout in the wrong

  2. I wish they had a roundabout at Eager and M-59 or a traffic light at least!
    Also a roundabout at Latson and M-59 would probably move traffic more smoothly
    AND cut down on accidents!!! !Two very high accident areas!!!

  3. Love them, they move an incredible amount of traffic successfull. Pay attention, move at a reasonable speed and enjoy how efficient this works.

  4. First off, the music sucks. For goodness sake Buddy, Yes has a song called Roundabout.

    I like them, I remember the mess it was with traffic lights. But, then again, I know how to drive.

  5. I love them as long as people drive at a reasonable speed. So Easy to use in any direction just remember people in the circle have the right of way. Now the third street and Main Street circle in Brigton is dangerous because people on both sides of Main Street think they have the right of way and can zip through ignoring those of us on third street trying to merge in the traffic. Main Street drivers from the high school or city need to yield to those of us as well. It’s not your right of way but all of us.

  6. I love them, but the road commission needs to keep up on the road paint. I feel part of the confusion for drivers is not seeing the lanes.

    Also, it is a constant issue getting off the southbound US23 exit. The far right lane is a turn right only onto Whitmore lake road, but drivers constantly use is as another merge lane to the second round about. Watch the video again, you will see drivers do this.

  7. I wish they would run some PSA’s on roundabouts.
    This one is tricky one wrong turn and you on the e-way. But in general I love roundabouts.

  8. Personally, I like them. But, I agree that some people have no clue how to navigate them. It just takes practice. A good follow up story to this would be to discuss how many (or how few) accidents have been reported on these things. It would probably put the debate to rest!

  9. I avoid those roundabouts like the plague! Which means that I rarely shop at the Green Oaks stores, and always take the back way into Costco.

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