The first day of the rest of his life

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I admit it: I shed a teeny, tiny tear this morning as my only child rode his bike out of the backyard on his way to the new adventure in his life: middle school.

This morning, he actually told me he “appreciated” the breakfast I made him, even though he didn’t have the time to eat it all.

“Gotta get to school,” he said as he tied the laces of the new red high-tops his grandmother gave him.

Like we did when he started kindergarten, we made him make time to pose for a dorky photo before he left.

What a difference six years make.

Unlike that frightened little kindergartner, the sixth-grader this year barely had time for a hug before he left for his friend Sophie’s house. He actually was a couple minutes ahead of schedule.

Other than worrying about remembering the combination to his locker, my kid seemed ready to take on middle school.

That’s a bit more than can be said for his mom.

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