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It’s been a month now since LivingstonTalk went live with its new website.

I can tell you that visitors really, really like the new site. Based on our Google Analytics numbers, traffic is up 50 percent this month over last, an amazing surge.

As I work to grow and improve the site, I could use some guidance. What would you like to see on LivingstonTalk?

If you’d take the quick survey below, I’d appreciate the feedback. I want to target my website efforts in a meaningful way, and if there’s something you want that I’m not providing, I’d like to know.

So, please take the LivingstonTalk survey, and accept my appreciation for helping me map out the next steps for LivingstonTalk’s growth.

There’s a shot at something for you, too. Each registered user completing the survey will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card.

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