Simultaneous Chess Exhibition

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Michigan FIDE Master Seth Homa will give a simultaneous chess exhibition in Hartland on December 9 and the public is invited to participate.

Seth is currently one of Michigan’s highest rated players and has a national rating of 2429, and an international rating of 2351. He first showed interest in the game after seeing “Searching for Bobby Fischer” in the movie theaters back in 1993 and soon realized he had a passion and talent for the game.

“At age 12, I cracked open my first chess books in an effort to beat my uncle over Christmas break. And at 17, I drew Iinternational Master Ben Finegold Sr. when he was near his peak rating,” Seth said.

Seth is a multiple time winner of the Lansing City Championship, the Vandenburg Cup and the Great Lakes Open. And this year, Seth won the Michigan Open Championship

A simultaneous exhibition is a game in which one player plays multiple games at a time with a number of other players. The boards are usually arranged in a large circle or square and the exhibitor walks from board to board in a fixed order. Each individual participant is expected to make a move when the exhibitor arrives at his/her board. The exhibitor may pause briefly before playing his/her move, but will typically attempt to avoid lengthy pauses because too many such pauses will cause the exhibition to continue for an extended period. Longer exhibitions increase the risk of fatigue-induced blunders on the part of the exhibitor, especially since the individual participants remaining at the end tend to be the stronger players who represent the exhibitor’s most challenging opponents. As games are finished off, they are usually not replaced and only a few games will remain in progress at the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be hosted by the Livingston County Chess Club on Monday December 9 at the Hartland Senior Center starting at 6:30 PM.

The cost per player is $20. There are a limited number of spots available so reservations will be on a first come – first serve basis. Call or email for more information. Visit the Livingston County Chess Club website to register.