Senior Survivor success story: Eating worms for charity

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The 12 Senior Survivors and some members of the senior class student council with the $13,275 check.

Once again, Senior Survivor was a tremendous success and an example of just what is right at Howell High School. This year, we crushed the old record of $8,000 by raising an amazing $13,275 in five days. All the proceeds were donated to the Arc of Livingston, a local organization that exists to assists people with developmental disabilities.

I could not be happier with our grand total and wish to publicly thank everyone who encouraged me during the competition, donated to the Arc, or just helped me get through my time locked inside of Howell High School. This year, the winner was Steven Keating, who completely transformed the school into a united body working toward a common goal.

I lasted four days in the competition and I am so grateful I was selected to participate in such an uplifting event. The most memorable experience for me was when my partner and I were served 150 sautéed meal worms and onions during the traditional eating challenge. The night before I was eliminated, the survivors slept for 2 hours or less. When I finally got home to my own bed, I slept for 16 of the next 24 hours.

Each day of the competition was videotaped and condensed into a short episode. If you wish to view any of the videos to watch our challenges and confessionals, please click here and follow this link.

One week ago, I would never have guessed that my graduating class would make such a huge, positive impact on the lives of people with developmental disabilities in our community. It was truly extraordinary seeing how much support and encouragement the 12 contestants received throughout the week and watching the whole school come together to accomplish such an amazing feat. I am so proud of Howell High School and I will remember the positive influence we made for the rest of my life.