Moilanen to head Huron-Clinton Metroparks

Congratulations to David Moilanen, the new director of the Huron-Clinton Metroparks.

While he held a lot of positions at Kensington Metropark (he began working there in 1974), he was especially great to work with when I was at the Daily Press & Argus and he was in charge of public relations for the park. He became deputy director in 2006.

Probably one of the more challenging times for Moilanen in his PR role was when the park undertook the culling of its deer herd. While the culling was deemed necessary to preserve the ecosystem of the park, there were plenty of people around who took issue with the plan.

Moilanen, who lives in Genoa Township with his wife and son, now faces an even bigger challenge: the parks system, like everyone else, it seems, is dealing with huge revenue losses. It’s expected the parks system will lose $10 million this year.

While I don’t envy Moilanen the difficulty of the task before him, I have confidence that he will approach it — and his new job — with the same grace and dedication for which he is known.

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