Le Concours de Livingston: Vintage cars, fine art, a stunning estate; the “can’t miss” event of the year

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Heiner Hertling's "Rebecca Ruark"

Le Concours de Livingston.

It promises to be the year’s premier social and charitable event.

On display: a 1951 Kaiser, a 1921 Rolls Royce, a 1908 Oldsmobile and a perfectly restored 1914 Harley Davison. Not to mention Model Ts and As and a cream-colored Cord.

Gordon/Kesler's "Fire Within"

How about 37 works of art donated by celebrated Michigan artists like Heiner Hertling, Tom Hale, Mike “Chizzy” Chisholm, Charlie Shoulders, Wan Chuan Kessler, and Clark Gordon?

The event is the inaugural Le Concours de Livingston, a fund raiser on behalf of Love INC, and it’s happening Saturday, July 30, at the beautiful Gronow estate in Genoa Township.

Tom Hale's "54 Caddy"

Among the other delights for the evening will be an auction for a safari in Africa, a $4,950 value that will go to the highest bidder. It includes 6 days/ 6 nights luxury accommodations at the famous Zulu Nyala Game Preserve, where internationally acclaimed chefs will prepare three meals a day. There will be daily Land Rover trips into the bush to observe wildlife and the natural beauty of the country. More details will be available that evening.

Top off the night with a tour of the Gronow estate in Genoa Township, a visit to Steve Gronow’s maritime museum, join in on an auction of art works, see a painter working live, and you have the par excellence way to enjoy yourself and help fund an important service to the community.

Response to the Le Concours de Livingston event has been overwhelming, with individual and corporate support pouring in. It is well on its way to becoming the “can’t miss” event in Livingston County.

The reason for the enthusiasm: every now and then you spot the helping hand that you want to clasp and never quit shaking. Love INC is such an organization, and you will have an opportunity to do just that on July 30.

Emceeing the Le Concours night will be Buddy Morehouse, former columnist and local newspaper editor. Co-hosting will be retired Circuit Judges Daniel A. Burress and Stan Latreille.

Just who or what is Love INC?

Well, it’s first and foremost an unabashedly Christian effort to help our neighbors in accord with the teachings of Jesus Christ. The INC stands for “In the Name of Christ. Its membership is made up of volunteers from the 51 Livingston County churches of all denominations that belong to Love INC.

“We have learned in these difficult times that our wonderful economy can suddenly reverse itself and put many once comfortable people in dire straits,” says Kathie Jenego, executive director of Love INC.

“Our job is to offer a helping hand in a time of need in a manner that does not stigmatize or demean people. Any one of us could be in that position.”

Love INC volunteers, working from the offices on Grand River in Howell, interview applicants who are seeking help from one of the member churches.  The centralizing of the process allows the churches to specialize, for example, one church providing diapers and baby clothes, others concentrating on furniture or food or heating bills. The result has been greater efficiency in the delivery of assistance and the eternal gratitude of church secretaries who have been overwhelmed with requests for help in the economic downturn.

The $75 ticket includes tours of the estate of Steve and Patty Gronow as well as rides on some of the cars on display. It also includes beverages and appetizers. Proceeds will go to help Love INC continue and expand its services.

Here is a list of some of the better known artists with works in the auction:

Heiner Hertling– has a great website showing his sculptures as well as paintings.  He is offering “Rebecca Ruark”- his  beautiful depiction of the oldest working “skip jack”on the Chesapeake Bay He will also be painting during the event accompanied by a few folks from his “plein air” painting group. http://www.heinerhertling.com/hertling/bio.html

Tom Hale– exceptionally beautiful stylized autos- 2 of his works are included http://www.tomhalegallery.com/

Mike “Chizzy” Chisholm– will also be painting Live at the event in his unique and lively style. Hi works created onsite will be up for auction.  http://www.thegalleryofthearts.com/MikeChisholm.html .

Charlie Shoulders– will also be demonstrating his flameworking skills. He and his wife Paula produce gorgeous glass pieces in their home based studio.  http://www.livingontheetch.com/Art_Glass_Home.html

Wan Chuan Kesler – beautiful “Tuscany October” oil – painted on site in Italy

Clark Gordon– collaborated with Wan Chuan on a most distinctive welded sculpture “Fire Within”, Proceeds from this piece will be evenly divided between Love INC and Make-A-Wish-Foundation

The above mentioned artists are planning to be at the event, with the exception of Tom Hale. All of our contributing artists are from Michigan- including one from the UP.

Guests will also be invited to shop in the Concours Art Tent where 20-25 (36 total) of the auction contributors will be taking the opportunity to sell additional artworks.

Tickets can be obtained at the Brighton Area or Howell Area Chambers of Commerce. They may also be obtained on line on a will call basis at www.leconcoursdelivingston.org.

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