Kathleens Cookies helping sweeten up Lansing’s politicians

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Kathleen McKay, center, poses with Nancy Johnson of Livingston County's Small Business Development and Technology Center, and Gordon Ferguson, facilitator for the recent Fast-Trac program.

Let’s hope that the great-tasting, exquisitely packaged Kathleens Cookies help set a productive, bipartisan tone for the legislative session in Lansing.

Kathleen Cookies, named after its owner, Kathleen McKay, was selected as a Michigan company to provide gifts to the state’s legislators on their opening session and reception tomorrow, Feb. 17.

In addition to that, Kathleen will be a guest in the gallery and introduced.

I met Kathleen in the recent FastTrac training for entrepreneurs, and she’s been a huge inspiration to me and so many other people. You can read the piece I wrote as she was getting ready to open her store in Brighton by clicking here.

State Sen. Joe Hune was a speaker at the Fast-Trac graduation program.

And how cool is it that I get to post two pieces on my fellow FastTrac grads — Kathleen and Steve Pilon, who plans to open a European bistro in the former Mexican Jones restaurant in Brighton — on LivingstonTalk.com on the same day.

It’s great to see good things happen for talented, hard-working people.

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