It’s a good thing I wasn’t eating or drinking

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Auto correct is becoming a comedy genre unto itself.

We’ve all experienced the funny things our phones do to correct us when we send seemingly innocent, benign text messages.

Back in the day when I was a newspaper editor with a job, I was horrified when I picked up the morning edition to see spell-check run amok on one of our news stories.

Seems Senator Valid Gracie was referring to Sagging County over and over again. Seems the copy editor on duty hit the “correct” button instead of ignore, producing a wave of embarrassing errors.

As funny as it is to refer to former state Sen. Valde Garcia as Valid Gracie, and Saginaw County as Sagging County, it’s nothing compared to what you’ll read here.

If you’re at work and have an office, shut the door.

If you’re home alone, just read this and laugh.

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