‘Imported from Detroit’ ad rocks the Super Bowl

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My favorite Super Bowl commercial? The “Imported from Detroit” Chrysler ad featuring Eminem and a whole lot of attitude.

From start to finish, it’s a tough, aggressive love song for the embattled Motor City, the place where I was born.

It’s been painful to watch the city’s Sisyphean struggle to reclaim its crown as the birthplace of the middle class, the Arsenal of Democracy, the place where things get made. The city’s gasping for breath after the sucker punch of new manufacturing and economic realities, and near knockout blows from greedy opportunists who lined their pockets at the city’s expense.

It’s tough being Detroit. It’s tough being a Detroiter.

But the world forgets that Detroit and Detroiters are tough, and the Chrysler ad — on Detroit’s behalf — flips a big middle finger to those who’ve counted it out and danced on its grave. Detroit’s not yet ready to give up the ghost, and for proof of its mettle, here’s what the Motor City’s making these days: Cars, cool cars, cars with attitude, cars with the will to compete.

That’s not to say all’s rosy in the Motor City. Some of the challenges facing Detroit will take years, maybe even decades to overcome, if at all. Many problems have become chronic facts of life in the Motor City.

If Detroit is to once again thrive, it will be the attitude of the city, the attitude of that Chrysler ad, that will lift it from the desperate depths into which it has fallen.

If you saw the ad during the Super Bowl, you can watch it again here. If you missed it, give it a watch.

It’ll fill you with pride and hope for the Motor City, even if you weren’t born there.

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