How did Livingston County get its name?

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Recognize this man?

He’s Edward Livingston, an American jurist and statesman who represented both New York and Louisiana in Congress, and served 1831-1833 as President Andrew Jackson’s second secretary of state.

He’s also the cabinet member for whom Livingston County is named.

Livingston County, formally organized in 1836, is one of Michigan’s “Cabinet Counties,” a group of 10 counties in the state named to honor members of President Jackson’s cabinet.

Do you know which Michigan counties make up the rest of the 10?

Barry County, named for U.S. Postmaster General William T. Barry
Berrien County, named for U.S. Attorney General John M. Berrien
Branch County, named for U.S. Secretary of the Navy John Branch
Calhoun County, named for U.S. Vice President John C. Calhoun
Cass County, named for Jackson’s second Secretary of War, Lewis Cass
Eaton County, named for Secretary of War John Eaton
Ingham County, named for U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Samuel D. Ingham
Jackson County, named for Andrew Jackson himself
Van Buren County, named for U.S. Secretary of State (later Vice President and then President) Martin Van Buren.

The more you know!

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