Hicks for Pratt? School board candidate’s video has people talking

I am sitting here dumbstruck after seeing what I can politely say is likely the most unusual campaign piece for a school board election that I have seen — EVER. Heck, make that the most unusual campaign piece for any election ever.

The video is for Jim Pratt, who is running for the Howell Public Schools Board of Education. Here it is:

Here is what Pratt had to say about it on the “Jim Pratt for Howell School Board” website:

“I don’t have much money to campaign with. Other candidates are putting up signs everywhere. Expensive signs. I don’t have that kind of money. So I figured I would go the frugal route. Like our Schools need to do. I spent my campaign money on the best investment I could think of. Best bang for the buck?
“I paid these two guys $120 to make me an ad. You won’t find me spending thousands on campaign signs, like some of the other candidates for Howell School Board are doing. I believe in being frugal. I want good value for the $ buck.
“What do you think?”

Well, what do you think?

In their own marketing ad on YouTube, it appears the two men in Pratt’s ad went into business doing ads for folks for $120 because they were incensed that the West Virginia GOP used PAID ACTORS to portray coffee-drinking, egg-eating, hat-wearing “hick-y” guys in a diner grousing about President Obama.

You can see their marketing “We’ll make political ads for anybody” ad here. They say they don’t care who hires them. “It’s all about freedom of speech,” they say. “You can buy ours for $120.”

So, what do you think? Did Pratt get his $120 worth?

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