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Help get community-wide broadband: Take the Michigan Moonshot survey for Livingston County


The Livingston County powers-that-be are in the beginning stages of gauging public support for broadband internet in the community. Let’s make sure our commissioners hear loud and clear that EVERYONE in Livingston County deserves access to broadband internet service.

You can read all our coverage of our county’s broadband actions — the good, the bad, and the blantantly political — by clicking here.

Our county had a one-time-only budget windfall of a whopping $37.5 MILLION from the American Rescue Plan; that money could have been used for a variety of projects, including broadband internet service. Our board of commissioners has already robbed that fund of an estimated $1.5 MILLION to make up for the funding it refused to accept from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for the Livingston County Health Department’s COVID relief efforts.

Why did it refuse that $1.5 MILLION? Our commissioners gave a big thumbs-down to that funding — which they accepted last year without blinking — because the majority of our county commissioners believed the lie that the funding would force vaccines on residents. So, instead of accepting funds it has accepted before, our county board decided instead to replace the refused funds by taking the money out of the $37.5 MILLION, leaving that much less for other projects.


Let’s make sure our commissioners know how we think they should spend what’s left of that money.

Livingston County is partnering with Merit, a non-profit internet research organization, to conduct a survey on internet connectivity in the county.

This is your chance to make your voice heard.

Take the survey at michiganmoonshot.org/livgov; the input you provide will help sort out the various broadband efforts currently under consideration, or get a new one going. This survey is for everyone — including anyone accessing the internet via cellphone — not just those who struggle with connectivity at home.

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  1. Deerfield Twp Resident – we have DSL. The line runs in the ditch next to Lovejoy Rd – when the road crews come and dig drain paths for the road or spring brush cleaning the line gets destroyed. This happens several times a year. I have even attempted to reroute and fix the line myself when the Frontier fix date is weeks away! DSL speeds vary daily from 2-6.5 GPS download and 0.7-0.9 GPS upload – barely enough speed to use the internet!

  2. We live in the country and pay a lot for terrible service. We are on a fixed income and it is very difficult.

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