GUEST OPINION: Who’s on Santa’s naughty list for Livingston County?


With less than two weeks until his Christmas deliveries, Santa is busy making up his lists of who has been naughty and who has been nice.

Fortunately, we sneaked a peek at Santa’s Naughty List for Livingston County. It’s probably too late for most people on the list, but a sincere effort at reform could move some of these to the Nice List before Santa makes his rounds.

In the interest of public service, here’s the Top 10 list Santa has compiled for Livingston County this year:


Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey for demeaning comments toward Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, including discussing challenging her to a fistfight.


State Reps. Ann Bollin and Bob Bezotte for refusing to answer constituents who asked if they believed results of the 2020 election were valid and that President Biden is our legitimate president.


State Sen. Lana Theis for signing a letter to Congress asking its members to delay the certification of President Biden’s victory over Donald Trump.


Brighton School Board Member Jon Conley for comparing mask mandates put in place to save people’s lives in a pandemic to the tactics of mass murderer Adolph Hitler.


Livingston County GOP Chair Meghan Reckling for ruining the Howell Melon Fest over a bingo game.


Wes Nakagiri, chair of the Livingston County Board of Commissioners, for blocking the reappointment of Steve Williams to the Clinton-Huron Metroparks board because he supported programs to make the parks more accessible to all, as well as for lots of other things Nakagiri has done wrong.


County commissioners Wes Nakagiri, Doug Helzerman, Jay Gross, Martin Smith, Jay Drick, and Brenda Plank for refusing $1.5 million from the state of Michigan to help fund the county health department during the pandemic.


Genoa Township Supervisor Bill Rogers for promoting rezoning of land owned by his long-time political backers Bruce Hundley and Livingston County Clerk Betsy Hundley to allow an asphalt plant that will spew carcinogens benzene and cadmium over homes and lakes.


Members of the anti-Biden mob in Howell who greeted President Biden with obscene chants and flags in full view of young children, while also harassing his supporters.


Members of the anti-mask, anti-vaccine crowds who attend school board meetings to spread lies about the pandemic and threaten and intimidate school board members from approving measures to protect our children.

A lump of coal is too good for most on the list, but that’s what Santa has planned for them unless they change their ways in the next two weeks.

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  1. It would have been good to have some millions to spend within the county. So would having to follow CDC guidelines for vaccinations and mask wearing. If you watched the meeting on youtube it would suggest that a lot of residents haven’t kept up with science and facts. Fighting culture wars is not productive.

  2. You are 100% spot on Judy. Thank you for calling out the reprehensible behavior of these individuals. Reading the comments, I can see you hit a nerve….well done! :;

  3. Absolutely, David. I too am upset I was not able to give our cognitively impaired commander-in-chief a big, warm Livingston county welcome. We need to invite him back soon, along with Empress Lady Gretchen.

  4. Wow, another stellar “opinion piece” from Judy at the Livingston Post. What would we do without her liberal lens and sharp wit to render all we conservatives completely moot? I mean—a naughty list? Ah, the power. Keep writing, Judykins. It gives us all a good chuckle.

  5. Spot on with this list. And shame to those commenters aspiring to be on this list who applaud acting like a child. This county can do better.

  6. Thank you Judy! I respect your truthfulness and totally agree with your observations and your list.

  7. My goals for 2022 include placing firmly within the top three of this list. My biggest disappointment for 2021 is my inability to fly up from FLA to join the Biden welcoming committee along M-59. That was a beautiful, glorious day and I really I coulda been part of it.

  8. I concur, Judy! A sad group of so-called public servants and their ilk. You’re right, a lump of coal is too good for them.

  9. This is hysterical! I wish I was on your naughty list. That would mean I had done enough for the good of my community to be recognized by those that don’t.

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