GUEST OPINION: I’m standing up to my anonymous bully


Editor’s note: The GoFundMe account the author of this Guest Opinion donated to was for Kasey Helton, the Marion Township woman the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office investigated and recommended for charges for trolling a couple anti-maskers who spread false COVID-19 information at a school board meeting. You can read our latest post on her by clicking here.

I donated to a GoFundMe account; then this occurred:

On Jan. 7, 2022, I received a letter that had no return address and was not signed.

I would like to share the letter and my thoughts on it with our community.


How shocked I was to learn that you supported a cyber bully. That you associate yourself with this bad person. Do you really know this person? She called their employer(s), called the State and demanded their licenses be revoked. This isn’t one incident either. In total there are five people that we know of so far. You should be ashamed of yourself. What if this was you daughter trying to protect her children? Be careful with who you make alliances with. People are watching.

Your actions really surprised me!

I wanted this disturbing and threatening letter made public because:

1. Some people who get a letter like this would allow it to silence them. This is exactly how bullies survive. They just get bolder and louder.

2. Other people are willing continue to speak out and make interactions like this public to showcase strategies used by the bullies to try and silence and intimidate those that think differently.

In reading this letter it is obvious that the person who wrote it gains their information from very different sources than my husband, Joe Carney, and I do. We don’t know how the letter writer could be shocked if they knew anything about us.

We are not ashamed of our beliefs. We are proud that we support scientific facts. We will not be threatened by someone who doesn’t have the fortitude to sign their own letter.

We stand with the CDC and state and federal health organizations that are doing their best to educate all people on this virus.

We are vaccinated and boosted just like our children and grandchildren. We all wear masks and social distance to protect others and protect ourselves.

We will continue to advocate for our beliefs.

In the words of Liz Cheney: Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar.

Kathy Carney

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  1. If someone in your family received this letter, would it be laughable? If “people are watching” a female in your family, would you find that threatening? It is a coward’s effort to intimidate Mrs. Carney.

  2. You consider that a “threatening” letter?? Seriously? Has your livlihood been threatened? Has your family been doxxed? Has anyone called on others to take the same actions? To claim voctimhood over a letter like this is laughable. But to some, victimhood is a badge, so I understand.

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