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GUEST COLUMN: Why is Theis trying to take away your right to vote absentee?


Voting absentee is a constitutional right here in Michigan. In 2018, Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved Prop 3 to guarantee the right to vote absentee without giving a reason. Livingston County voters approved the constitutional amendment, too, with more than 58 percent voting Yes. In 2020, 60 percent of Livingston County voters — 75,262 people — cast their ballots using their new right. And half of them voted for Donald Trump!

So why is Sen. Lana Theis trying to take away your right?

Theis has introduced SB285 to make it much harder for you to vote absentee. Every time you ask for an absentee ballot, you would have to find a photocopy machine, copy your driver’s license or other ID, and mail that in with your application. Every time, for every primary, special election, and general election, for the rest of your life, even when you are 90 and living in a nursing home without a car. That’s a lot of photocopying.

Theis is gambling that you will think this only makes it harder for other people to vote, like people in Detroit who vote Democratic. But the truth is, it will make it harder for you to vote, too.

Theis is supporting lots of other bills to put barriers between you and the ballot box. She wants you to believe the Big Lie that the last election was rigged, but the truth is, Theis just doesn’t believe in democracy. Call her at (517) 373-2420 and tell her to leave your right to vote alone.

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