Guest column: We have but one flag

In recent years, Republicans have pretended they own the flag.

They wave it every chance they get, proclaim their love for it (with little apparent understanding of what it stands for it), and demand punishment for anyone who they feel fails to show it proper respect.

But after the attempted coup on Jan. 6 led by Trump supporters, my question is, which flag do they claim allegiance to?

Is it the Gadsen flag favored by the tea party — the yellow, “Don’t tread on me” flag? I saw that flag waved as the mob rushed the Capitol.

Is it the Confederate battle flag — the flag of white supremacy carried by treasonous southerners in the Civil War as they shot American soldiers dead? I saw that flag carried inside the Capitol.

Is it the black and blue version of the American flag — the flag that symbolizes their alleged support of police officers? I saw that flag waved by the same mob that beat a police officer with a fire extinguisher, resulting in his death.

Is it the blue Trump 2020 flag — the flag that shouts their allegiance to a dangerous cult figure who incited the riot that resulted in the death of six people? That flag was carried into the U.S. Capitol as the mob tried to illegally keep him in office.

Is it the America First flag — the flag with the letters “AF” that represents the logo of a podcast by a far-right white supremacist “groyper army?” That flag also made an appearance inside the Capitol.

Is it the version of the Confederate battle flag favored by gun control foes — the battle flag with an assault rifle and the slogan “Come and Take it?” That, too, waved inside the Capitol.

Is it the flag of the Three Percenters — a version of the Betsy Ross flag with the Roman numeral III on the blue field surrounded by 13 stars? It flew there.

Is it the American flag — the red, white, and blue Old Glory that is the symbol of our democracy recognized worldwide? I saw that flag waved as the protesters threatened the lives of lawmakers, ransacked their offices, and stole property from the U.S. Capitol.

While there is confusion about which flag Republicans support, there is no such confusion about Democrats. We have one flag that we pledge allegiance to at the start of every meeting. We have one flag that we put on our 4th of July parade float. We have one flag that hangs in the front window of our office.

It is the American flag. It is Democrats who have allegiance to that flag (and who understand the principles that it represents). We have no other flag.

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  1. Hi Judy:

    We were informed by Prof. Barkley Rosser (James Madison) who I write with at a blog, the correct word is “autogolpe” in place of coup, which involves an existing ruler illegally acting to remain in power

  2. And what about the “TRUMP 2020 No More Bullshit” flag? That one flew in the Capitol too.

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